Here Are Top 4 Marketplaces A Multichannel Ecommerce Retailer Can Focus On

In the modern marketplace, your business growth relies on your ability to reach customers using different marketing channels. Unlike in olden days where you only needed to run a brick and mortar store, and customers could find their way to it, the principle is no longer applicable.

Your business growth in current era relies on how you make it easier for your customers to buy your products without affecting their social life. This means optimizing your strategies to enable customers to buy at their meeting points. No need to login to your site or be redirected to other marketplaces. However, you may ask which are some of these marketplaces should a multichannel e-commerce retailer target. Here are the top 4:


Amazon is undoubtedly the leading online marketplace. The platform allows sellers to list their products and brands targeting different customers. If you are an e-commerce retailer, this should be your number one channel for enhancing your marketing activities. Amazon charges you a little commission on each sale. Also, through their affiliate marketing program, they help you to market to a wider audience.

So, it saves on your marketing costs. There are no listing restrictions unless you are selling illegal or unsafe products that are against the set terms and conditions. Hence, as a multichannel e-commerce retailer, Amazon is a good starting point and should be part of your online market selection.


No doubt that Facebook is the king of social media and the second largest online marketplace after Google. With over 4 billion users, anyone seeking to excel in online business cannot ignore its power. Facebook enhances your online marketing through the Facebook Ads. Here, you can optimize your ads to target a given niche and demographics. Also, with the use of various multichannel e-commerce software, you can track customers who once visited your online store and reach them with your product sponsored ads.

This way, you enhance your ability to make a sale through the social platform. Instead of directing the customers to your online store, you can design your Facebook page such that it will be easier for them to buy products through the page without having to leave the platform.

Your online store

The next multichannel e-commerce retailer marketplace is your online store. The store is the window to your virtual business. For you to make wooing profits, you must ensure your online store is navigable, user-friendly and enhances customer experience. This calls for having superb product images and descriptions as well as explainer videos that offer sufficient information to trigger buying decisions. If you want to learn about the most scalable and robust online store platforms check out

Also, your site must be optimized for the search engines. Ranking better will mean high traffic and possibly more sales. In this essence, you must employ an attractive e-commerce theme and layout. Importantly, your payment and shopping experience should be easier. Do not take the customers for a ride for them to complete transactions. Otherwise, abandoned carts will be your day to day result in place of sales.


Like Amazon, eBay is an online marketplace that allows retailers to list their products and brands. However, eBay specializes in online auctioning where it facilitates selling between buyers and sellers. As a multichannel e-commerce retailer, you can focus on this channel to enhance your sales. It is easier to integrate your store with it using various e-commerce software that enhances multichannel selling management.

Final thoughts

Winning in the modern competitive business arena requires a retailer to come up with strategies that will enhance their customer reachability. This means employing multichannel e-commerce retailing to ensure you offer fitting customer experience for each of the above marketplaces.        

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