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Online Retailing Guide – What Are The Types of multi channel Retailing?

You have probably heard the term multi channel retailing by now since it really isn’t a new term. What is new however is the way that this type of retailing works. With the rise or the internet, people are now able to not only shop at brick and mortar stores, but they are also able to shop online from their homes and even on their phones, which has made business owners reconsider the way that they do business. There are two different types of multi channel retailing and we are going to talk to them in this article, so keep on reading if you are interested to find out more about them.

We are going to start off with the term cross channel and talk a little bit about it. When speaking of a cross channel retailing experience, what we are referring to is a customer using a combination of several different channels for the same purchase. For example, imagine that someone is looking to buy a TV. If they are doing a cross channel purchase they will first go online and print the configuration of the product that they are interested in from the company’s website, then they will go in store in order to make the purchase. Another thing that they can do is purchase by looking at a catalog and then going online and buying the TV from there. Another option here is for the customer to look at the product in a catalog, order it via the website and then go in store to pick the TV up from there.

The second of the types of multi channel retailing that we are going to discuss today is the omni channel which actually describes the process of a customer making a purchase while using two different channels. An example for this would be for a customer to use a mobile phone while being in store, or simply using a tablet or a laptop while watching TV at home. Another way that this term can be described is that it represents the consistency between several different channels that streamlines the needs of that particular customer. This means that every time a customer goes online, all of their preferences that are saved on one channel need to be saved on every other channel as well so that the customer can get the best experience.

What we can see when talking about the types of multi channel retailing, is that a business cannot afford to do business without selling on multiple channels because people are relying more and more on those extra channels every single day. The point here is for business owners to understand why multi channel retailing is important and what they can gain from it, and hopefully this article has helped you see that.

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